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International Expansion

In an increasingly globalized world, expanding healthcare services and software solutions internationally offers vast opportunity for growth. This move can help businesses tap into new markets, increase their customer base and boost revenue.  My services are designed to guide healthcare organizations through the complexities of international expansion, from regulatory compliance to operationalization and localization strategies.

Products & Services

  • Strategic Planning

  • International Market Entrance Vehicles

  • Market Research & Competitive Analysis

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Operationalization & Localization Strategy 

  • Risk Management

  • Post-Expansion Support

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Why Work Together

Navigating the global healthcare landscape requires extensive knowledge and strategic planning.  Comprehensive insight into competitive landscapes, regulatory environments and industry dynamics is key for success. I partner with you to create a successful expansion strategy tailored for the specific needs of your healthcare business.  I am committed to helping you seize global opportunities while mitigating risks associated with international operations.

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Case Studies

Successful engagements include:​​

  • Guiding organic US market entrance strategy for a publicly traded Canadian company seeking to launch a digital engagement platform

  • Securing a 16-clinic expansion in Brazil by acquiring the provider arm of a vertically integrated health insurance company

  • Creating five-year country and business unit strategies across EMEA, APAC and LATAM for 16 organizations

  • Acquiring the global leader in virtual cognitive behavioral therapy, launching an international business across three continents

  • Guiding the acquisition and integration of a SaaS-based provider of global health and wellness, launching European operations for a healthcare technology provider

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