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Strategy, Planning & Value Creation

Strategy is about making specific choices to win in the marketplace.  It is an integrated set of decisions that uniquely positions your company to create sustainable advantage and superior value relative to the competition.  

Products & Services

  • Strategic Planning (Quarterly, Annual, 3 - 5 Year)

  • Competitor Analysis / Market Assessments 

  • Partnership & Go-To-Market Strategies 

  • OKR and EOS Implementation

  • Pitch Deck Development & Refinement

  • Geographical Scans & Market Entrance Strategies

  • Investor Identification & Outreach


Value Proposition 

Deriving more value from your business is a priority for any leader. It is critical that your organization has a clear, thoughtful, relevant and achievable strategy that will deliver value to your stakeholders.  Drawing upon experience running strategic planning processes for healthcare organizations in more than 20 countries, I utilize customized frameworks and tools to strengthen your strategic planning and value propositions.  I work with you to build tailored strategies to reflect your critical and unique market capabilities and jurisdictional considerations to ensure that your organization can leverage its competitive advantage to drive value and scale.  I bring a global market lens to the development and execution of growth strategies, factoring in the complexity of diverse regulatory and payer environments.  My risk based approach to strategic development, combined with healthcare experience on every continent, helps to accelerate strategic planning and decision making.



Successful engagements include:

  • Guiding a tech-enabled point solution provider to successfully enter the US market by commercializing Software as a Service (SaaS) 

  • European market entrance strategies for a PE fund seeking a primary care roll-up strategy and a Fortune 500 company aiming to develop an ambulatory clinic footprint

  • Vertically integrating a healthcare payer in South America to become a payvider, delivering multi-specialty, value-based care 

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